Ritual Dialogues

By Domenica Formulations

We each have our own personal rituals; whether intentional or subconscious, they bookend every important instant. They provide the framework or passage to move from one state of being to the next, constantly improving—a commitment to ourselves and the people near to our orbits.

We humans flounder in disorder, yet create space when our lives are arranged. Rituals help us thrive amongst the chaos and order the disarray to punctuate the week.

Time and again we repeat the quotidian tasks that comprise our existence then take pause to cure monotony. Rituals serve as miniature interludes throughout the day, offering moments of stillness while the world whirls around. No matter the ceremony, Domenica adds a layer of joy.

Ritual Dialogues with Cindy Mead

18.03.22 - Read Now


Ritual Dialogues with Julia Meichlesen 

30.01.22 - Read Now