Bound by memory

luxury hand soap made in Australia

Olfaction, one of the five senses, warns us against poisons, detects pheromones of kindred souls, and takes us back to events, places and people in our lives. Most importantly, it is the sense that has the closest link to our memories. Scent awakens the olfactory system, which has a primal connection to our brains. Often disregarded, it can evoke long dormant recollections and reconnect us to visions previously lost to the past. 

After arriving home after a prolonged period, the air has the distinct smell of childhood, of comfort and of safety. A former lover’s trademark fragrance, a grandfather’s favourite hair product or the family matriarch lovingly cleaning the home before hosting Sunday lunch; these reminders can be summoned when a fleeting scent passes by.

Scent can be used to encourage memory function and as a study aide, helping us learn and evolve. Atmospheric aromas alert us to approaching thunderstorms and remind us to return home. Wrapped in towels by the fire, we strengthen bonds with those we love. Engulfed in the hearth we glow, the scent of Domenica swaddles us with memories.

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