Defined by ritual

Our surroundings are a reflection of our minds. Like a beautiful outfit, our homes are our way of telling the world—and ourselves—who we are. The state of our homes not only affects our minds and mental health, but it can affect us physically. Made up of geometric cellular structures, organisation comprises our genetic code. 

Mess can affect our health and wellbeing; the clutter and catastrophe can distress us to the very core. Disharmony can affect—and in some cases—cause infections and illness, disturbed sleep, stress and anxiety, depression and poor nutrition. The ‘tidy home, tidy mind’ adage might seem trite, however, ritualistic cleanliness is often the solution from untidiness-related afflictions. 

Clutter is an acute symptom of domestic discord, thus a systematic decluttering can provide the much-needed physical and mental space one needs. Furthermore, a cleaning regimen can complement any conscious activity to improve one’s surrounds and air quality, and remove heaviness associated with untidiness. 

Domenica’s collection is a deep sigh upon use; instant relief from the pressures that weigh down you and your abode. Our luxury hand soap is Australian made, paired with dish liquid, surface spray, floor cleaner and finished with room spray - the rituals you need for domestic enlightenment. 

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