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Ritual Dialogues with Julia Meichlesen

By Domenica Formulations

Domenica Room Spray

We will be releasing a series of interviews on our Journal to inspire, to inform and to lead conversations on the importance of rituals with people that influence us. 

We recently interviewed born and bred Brisbane artist, interior enthusiastic and effortless cool girl, Julia Meichlesen. The curly haired, freckled faced mum of a one year old named Otis, has a serious talent for taking nostalgic design pieces from the past and incorporating them into a contemporary setting, creating timeless appeal and familiar warmth. 

Julia talks to us about her rituals for setting the space to work on her pieces, from keeping her space clean each evening to zoning out to silent Korean lifestyle bloggers… yes, we Googled this too.  


Talk us through your creative process. Who/what do you find influences your work?

I am influenced a lot by fashion and interior design. I follow some incredibly inspiring people on Instagram who influence me daily. I can also pull inspiration from all sorts of places such as our recent trip to the coast or even binge watching (don't judge me) Emily in Paris. I just have to stay curious. 


You're both an artist and an interior designer - can you describe your personal style and your style as an artist? Do they go hand in hand? 

Oh gosh, I'd love to say I'm an interior designer! I've dabbled in interior styling but am ultimately an artist and just interior obsessed.

For me art and interiors definitely go hand in hand. What is a home without art, right?! 



As a mother to a beautiful little bub, how do you find balance managing your role as a mum and your work? ... Things can get messy! How do you stay on top of this? 

Ah, the daily struggle. 

I am a full time Mum and mostly find the time to paint when he is with his Grandparents (thank you Mum & Dad) or having a nap. Life with a one year old is definitely messy and as I paint from my dining table I have to really stay on top of it. The Domenica Surface Spray is a game changer as it keeps my work space clean, hygienic and smells incredible. It also cleans away any stubborn spills from Otis or myself during the day.  

I also make sure all of his toys have a home and tidy up before I go to bed each night, otherwise I just don't feel inspired to work in a messy environment when I wake up the next morning. 


Tell us about your rituals for each piece you create, do you need certain music playing, do you need to set your space, how do you know when something is done? 

Once I Put Otis down for his nap I'll tidy up, spray some Domenica Room Spray or light incense and sit down to paint. Painting is my form of meditation so once I have laid out the pattern and chosen the colours I can completely zone out. I sometimes have music playing but mostly I'll put on a TV series or Youtube. I love watching slow living silent Korean lifestyle vloggers, SATC, Gardening Australia (lol) and am obsessed with Grand Designs, mostly watching bootleg Youtube versions.  

If you're about to Google the vlog - we've done the hard work for you, watch here.

Finally, olfaction (the sense of scent), is one of the most powerful drivers for memory. What is one of your favourite smells, tell us about the memory/memories it conjures for you? 

The two that come straight to mind are the fragrance my husband and I share - I love being reminded of him every time I spray. The other is incense, which takes me right back to Bali and scooter riding through rice fields at sunset. Gosh I miss that place. 

You can find Julia's work here